Our Commitment to Corporate Sustainability | Better for the Planet

At Lim Siang Huat, we recongnize that we have a role in creating a more just and sustainable environment. Our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) purpose anchors goals and initiatives - "Better for the Planet, Better for the People".

Our mission is to act in ways to build a safer, more sustainable world for the future generation by making a difference in people's lives, communities and our Planet by doing business the right way. Behind the scenes, we've started small and working towards minimizing our impact on the global environment and achieving a sustainable society.

Find out how we are taking action on the issues affecting our world.

Our Sustainability Initiatives | Take Action At Home

The world has a packaging problem, and this is a priority issue we are committed to help solve. With sustainability at its core, we have embarked on an "Upcycle at Home Initiative" that can help the planet one bite at a time.

Our new initiative aims to create awareness and encourage consumers to change their attitude towards the use-and throw culture by offering them a rewarding way to recycle.

But reducing and recycling is the only part of the puzzle - reusing is important too. There are endless possibilities for what your Royal Miller food cans can become after consumption, but we want to pass on our top 3 inspirations to you.

Storage Containers

No one can ever have too much storage, and food cans are perfect for keeping things tidy. Be it for home or office, You can spray them with your favourite colours and use them as organizers or store utensils.

Baking Tools

Do you know that food cans are handy baking tins? Fill half the can with your cake batter and cook for around 25 minutes. Use a toothpick to poke through them to check if the cake is done. Remove the cake from the tin, layer it with frosting and it's ready to eat.


A plant-pot alternative for your small plants or succulents! This can is perfect as it does not take up too much space and looks perfect for your office table or kitchen.

You can significantly impact the environment by implementing these small steps at home. Ignite your creativity and share how you upcycyle our Royal Miller food cans to redeem a $5 Gift Voucher for your next purchase.

How to redeem?
1. Simply upload a photo of your work onto social media
2. Hastag #RoyalMillerUpcycleable
3. Tag us @limsianghuat.sg
4. Wait for us to contact you on the redemption